Sunday, April 29, 2007

040.Dr. Wang's Speech Schedule 王博士演讲时间表

07. August 2008, Jilin Normal University, Siping, China, 2008年8月,中国四平市
06. November 2007, Canada Association for American Studies in Montreal, Canada,you could find his presentation schedule here, 2007 年11月,加拿大蒙特列市
05. September 2007, Third World Congress of American Studies, organized by the International American Studies Association, at the University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal 2007年9月葡萄牙,里斯本市
04. April 2007, 2007 Spring Academic Series, St. Johns University, New York, the United States 2007年4月,圣约翰大学,美国纽约市
03. October 2006, International Conference for Franklin's 300th Anniversary, The Italian National Center for American Studies, Rome, Italy 2006年10月,意大利罗马市
02. September 2006, The US-China Relations Academic Conference, organized by U.S.-China Forum, St. Johns University 2006年9月,美国纽约市
01. September 2006, Franklin Friendship Association Program, New York, the United States 2006年9月,美国纽约市

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