Wednesday, June 18, 2008

092. Benjamin Franklin and Confucius

Please enjoy the information on Dr. Wang's lecture at St. Johns University on Benjamin Franklin and Confucius moral philosophy. You will learn the content of his speech through this link. You also can enjoy the poster of his presentation, Benjamin Franklin and Confucius Moral Philosophy, through this link.

091. Benjamin and China Was Selected

The famous searching engine for PDF has included Dr. Wang's paper, Benjamin Franklin and China in its website. By just click the above link, you will be led to the paper.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

090. Benjamin Franklin and China Ranks 17

Ever wondered what others are searching for in relation to Benjamin Franklin? Now you can see. Below is a listing of what everyone else is searching for in regard to Benjamin Franklin. Very impressively, Benjamin Franklin and China, Dr. Wang created through his paper Benjamin Franklin and China, ranks 17 out of over 500 searching entries.

089. Early Development of the United States and Chinese Civilization

At St.John University's 13th Forum for Faculty's research, Dr. Wang displayed his study in the influence of Chinese civilization on the early development of the United States. His pioneering research has attracted numerous faculty members and visting scholars, and some graduate students. St. Johns University has published the brief introduction to his research, which is available through this link.