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173. Cultural Clash in Romantic Relationships - Chinese vs US Culture

It is not unusual seeing an interracial marriage between Chinese and Americans nowadays in either China or the United States. Frequently I come across a Chinese lady walking with an American guy. It is commonly conceived that a person from the United States, an individualistic societies, is more accepting of romantic love as compared to collectivistic societies, such as China.

You mean that a Chinese or Japanese can’t enjoy a romantic relationship with someone she/he loves? I personally don't believe so. However, the author of this article has some interesting arguments. If you want to find out more, please read the very interesting article through this link.

172. A Current Cultural Mutual Influence between the United States and China

With the economical integration and cooperation between the United States and China, more Americans go to China to take jobs and in the meantime more Chinese come to work in the United States. Therefore, Americans and Chinese are working side by side. These cross-cultural partnerships, while beneficial in many ways, are also highlighting tensions that expose differences in work experience, pay levels and communication. New York Times Business Section reported the stories on December 23, 2009. You can enjoy this excellent report from this link.

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171. Benjamin Franklin and China in

Time flies. It is going to be the 4th year soon that I started this weblog to introduce you Dr. Dave Wang's study of the U.S. Founding Fathers and China. I have found that his publications and speeches on the founding fathers' efforts to draw nourishment from Chinese culture to build a new nation are getting more and more popular. For instance, you just type "Benjamin Franklin and China" in google, you can find following 21 listings, either promoting or introducing his research on Benjamin Franklin's attitudes towards Chinese civilization.

Before you enjoy the listings, I want to tell you a story. Not long ago, a friend of mine, told me, "Brother, I have indeed learned a lot from your very forceful and enlightening weblog about the founding fathers' efforts to use Chinese culture to build a new nation in North America. How about Chinese political system?" This is a very interesting question. I told him, "The founding fathers would learn anything valuable to their efforts. in that part, they didn't have ideology in their mind. However, they didn't want to pick up something that not useful for their purpose of building a strong society in the New World. " I don't know if my answer to his question is enough. If anyone has a better answer, please don't hesitate to let me know. To help others is our pleasure.

1. [PDF]
Benjamin Franklin and ChinaFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
11 Benjamin Franklin, “A Letter from China,” in John Biglow ed., ...... 74 Benjamin Franklin, “Notes on Reading an Account of Travel in China,” in Leonard ...

2. Essays, Articles & Miscellany - The Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary
Director of Public Programming, Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary. Benjamin Franklin and China - A Survey of Benjamin Franklin's Efforts at Drawing Positive ... - Cached - Similar

3. Franklin and China - Idea of the Day Blog -
Jan 29, 2009 ... This is to report that Dr. Wang's study of Benjamin Franklin and China has reached India. The Indian Institute of Oriental Studies and ... - Cached - Similar

4. Reset - Dialogues on Civilizations | History
Scholarship on the study of Benjamin Franklin for the past two centuries shows ..... The industrial technologies Franklin borrowed from China have promoted ... › History - Cached - Similar

5. Benjamin Franklin and China - - Search and Download ...
Benjamin Franklin “has a special place in the hearts and minds of .... 9 James Campbell, Recovering Benjamin Franklin—An Explanation of a Life of Science . - Cached

6. [PDF] franklin porcelain ro-ro
Google file about Benjamin Franklin and China • Benjamin Franklin and China 77 Franklin tried to develop porcelain production in North America. ... - Cached

7. [PDF] franklin porcelain ro-ro
Benjamin Franklin and China 77 Franklin tried to develop porcelain production in North America. In England, he examined porcelain factories and bought ... - Cached

8. The U. S .Founding Fathers and China 美国开国元勋与中国: 141 ...
Since 2005 when Dr. Wang's paper, Benjamin Franklin and China was published by the Official Website of Benjamin Franklin's 300th Anniversary, ... - Cached

9. The U. S .Founding Fathers and China 美国开国元勋与中国: 168. More ...
The following site give you access to Benjamin Franklin and China. ... With this site you can download his paper, Benjamin Franklin and China. ... - Cached

10. Franklin and China - Related links |
For example promote Chinese product and service to place out China. Traveling Exhibit, Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better ... - Cached

11. Result for benjamin franklin and china - Page 1 ...
PDF: Benjamin Franklin and China Benjamin Franklin and China Benjamin Franklin “has a special place in the hearts and minds of . ... - Cached

12. Benjamin Franklin House - News
Jun 22, 2009 ... Benjamin Franklin and the Great Wall of China Thursday 9 April, 5.30pm. The Great Wall of China was built 2000 years ago by the Qing dynasty ...

13. Benjamin Franklin and the Great Wall of China
Benjamin Franklin and the Great Wall of China. Doctor Dave Wang from St John's University will talk discuss how Benjamin Franklin became connected with what ...

14. benjamin franklin eBook Downloads
Get books about benjamin franklin for free from Usenet • Benjamin Franklin and China • BENJAMIN FRANKLIN • Benjamin Franklin and Lightning Rods ... - Cached

15. Academic Lecture Series Spring 2007 - "Benjamin Franklin and ...
Apr 20, 2007 ... This presentation examines how Benjamin Franklin used Confucius moral ... Dr. Wang mainly studies cultural exchange between China and North

16. The Seattle Times: Travel: For Franklin's 300th, fetes fit for a ...
Jan 6, 2006 ... "Benjamin Franklin and China: An Exhibition of Franklin's Efforts at Drawing Positive Elements from Chinese Civilization during the ... - Cached - Similar

17. The Founding Fathers of the United States and Chinese Porcelain Ware
From Benjamin Franklin's “beautiful simile of the 'fine and noble China Vase the British Empire'” we can tell its importance in colonial Americans' mind[1]. ...

18. Interview with Ben Franklin: Part 2
I also wanted to follow up with Ben Franklin's positive views on China. Alex Green and I are heading up a financial investigation to China and Hong Kong on ... -

19. [PDF]
Expand Your World
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
May 24, 2009 ... “Benjamin Franklin and the Great Wall of China,” Franklin. Gazette, Volume 18, Number 1, Spring 2008; “Benjamin. Franklin and Chinese ...

20 JNU Alumni @ North America 吉林师大校友在北美: 0005. ESRT of NYLA ...
I will quote it in the following:ESRT Member Speaks about Benjamin Franklin and the China Connection in London ESRT member Dr. Dave Wang of Queens Library ...

20. benjamin franklin ebook Download
Benjamin Franklin and China • Download • View. Peter Baida, Poor Richard's Legacy—American Business Values From Benjamin. Franklin to Donald Trump,

21. Dave Wang
Abstract: So far some papers in the project have been published at home and abroad, including “Benjamin Franklin and the Great Wall of China,” “Benjamin ... › ... › Faculty Research Forums - Cached

... - Cached

22. List Benjamin Franklin's siblings - True Knowledge Benjamin Franklin and China ... devotion to parents and older siblings as the most basic form of ... following I just list some main authors' names and ...'s_siblings - Cached -

170. Dr. Wang's Studies Introduced by Some Chinese Newspapers and Websites

If You search the phrase, The U.S. Founding Fathers and China in Chinese, such as 美国开国元勋与中国 in Google, you will find the following information concerning Dr. Dave Wang’s research of the U.S. Founding Fathers and China;

1. 王小良和“美国开国元勋与中国”研究

- [ Translate this page ]
过去的一百年是中国向西方学习的一百年,但在20世纪之前,中国在农业、水利、建筑、陶瓷、纺织等各方面所取得的成就却被多国效彷。在美国,独立战争前后, ... - Cached

2. The U. S .Founding Fathers and China 美国开国元勋与中国
C. 中国国家汉办The Executive office of the Chinese Language Council International 国家汉办指出,王博士是研究中国文化对美国开国元勋的影响的专家,著作颇丰。 ... - Cached - Similar

3. The U. S .Founding Fathers and China 美国开国元勋与中国: December 2009
- [ Translate this page ]
2009年12月1日 ... C. 中国国家汉办The Executive office of the Chinese Language Council International 国家汉办指出,王博士是研究中国文化对美国开国元勋的影响的 ... - Cached

Show more results from

4. 美国瓦尔普莱索大学孔子学院成功举办 - 国家汉办
- [ Translate this page ]
王博士是研究中国文化对美国开国元勋的影响的专家,著作颇丰。 ... 用王博士的话来说:“美国开国元勋们努力借鉴或学习中国哲学思想,这对于后来的美国政治家们影响很 ... - Cached

5. 王小良谈中国文明对美国影响
- [ Translate this page ]
2009年10月27日 ... 他在演讲中以“中华文明与美国文化的形成”为主题,详细介绍了美国开国元勋富兰克林等人如何在当年的书信中透露了他们对于中国文化的思考和借鉴,以及 ...

6. 美国开国元勋与中华文明_小浪博客_新浪博客
- [ Translate this page ]
中国货是到了欧洲之后,才运到美洲的。所以,凡是同中国沾边的东西都比较贵。不是一般殖民者可以负担得起的。美国开国元勋,本杰明弗兰克林讲了一个发生在自己身上的 ... - Cached

7. 小浪博客_新浪博客
- [ Translate this page ]
小浪的博客,小浪博客,王小良和“美国开国元勋与中国”研究,从掠76元获判76年看美国的仇恨罪,用风筝捕捉天空中的闪电,华人学者以新视角阐述富兰克林与中国文化的渊源, ...

8. 瓦尔普莱索大学孔子学院举办东西方关系论坛 - 浙江工业大学新闻发布平台
- [ Translate this page ]
2009年11月11日 ... 王博士是研究中国文化对美国开国元勋的影响的专家,著作颇丰。 ... 用王博士的话来说:“美国开国元勋们努力借鉴或学习中国哲学思想,这对于后来的美国 ... –

9. 王小良談中國文明對美國文化的影響
- [ 转为简体网页 - Translate this page ]
2009年10月27日 ... 他在演講中以“中華文明與美國文化的形成”為主題,詳細介紹了美國開國元勳富蘭克林等人如何在當年的書信中透露了他們對於中國文化的思考和借鑒,以及 ... - Cached

10. 中華文明與美國文化的形成 - Lectures
- [ 转为简体网页 - Translate this page ]
2009年10月24日 ... 對美國的發展具有遠見卓識的開國元勳們在美國文化形成時期努力將中

11. 华人学者以新视角阐述富兰克林与中国文化的渊源- [ Translate this page ]
2009年5月16日 ... 王小良日前接受采访表示,富兰克林是美国开国元勋之一,向来被认为是把 ... 却发现,富兰克林其实在美国建国时期从中国文明中汲取了不少文化元素,他 ...

12. 中華文明與美國文化的形成- 明镜网
- [ 转为简体网页 - Translate this page ]
华美协进社是美國第一個以美國大眾為對象﹐致力于傳播中國文化的機構。 ... 2007年應世界美國

13.E-Magazine - [ Translate this page ]王小良和“美国开国元勋与中国”研究. (声明:刊用本报图文务经书面授权,注明 ... 在书13.

14. 王小良谈中国文明对美国文化的影响- 故乡的云- 海华网会员中心|[美国福 ... - [ Translate this page ]... 所有后代都会铭记我的遗产》,《汤姆斯杰裴逊和传说中的中国王子》;《本杰明富兰克林在北美推动中国丝绸文化》;《美国开国元勋与中国陶瓷》;《本杰明富兰克林与 ... - Cached -

15. Lectures - [ 转为简体网页 - Translate this page ]2009年10月24日 ... 在北美推動中國絲綢文化》;《美國開國元勳與中國陶瓷》;《本傑明富蘭克林與中國長城》;《本傑明富蘭克林與中華文明》;《探討本傑明富蘭克林的 ... - Cached -

16. 驻芝加哥总领事黄屏出席瓦尔普莱索大学“东西方文化对话会”并发表演讲 - [ Translate this page ]2009年11月6日,黄屏总领事应邀赴印第安纳州瓦尔普莱索大学出席“东西方文化对话会”。圣约翰大学教授王小良、瓦尔普莱索大学艺术与科学学院副主任约翰·鲁夫、孔子学院中方院长刘建纲、历史学 ... 黄屏随后还就中国的发展、中美关系前景等问题回答了与会者的提问。 ... 驻芝加哥总领事黄屏为青年学生举办中美建交30周年图片展 (2009-11-17) ... - Cached -

17. 王小良谈中国文明对美国文化的影响- 故乡的云- 海华网会员中心|[美国福 ... - [ Translate this page ]海华网会员中心|[美国福建人在线] 【侨报纽约讯】华美人文学会日前特邀皇后区图书馆赫利斯分馆馆长王小良博士(见图)到华美协进社演讲,介绍中国文明在美国文化的形成 ... - Cached -

18. 王小良谈中国文明对美国影响 - [ Translate this page ]2009年10月27日 ... 【侨报纽约讯】华美人文学会日前特邀皇后区图书馆赫利斯分馆馆长王小良博士(见右图)到华美协进社演讲,介绍中国文明在美国文化的形成和发展过程中的 ... - Cached -

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169. The Forgotten Historical Chapter: Dr. Dave Wang and His Study of the U.S. Founding Fathers and China

China Press Weekly, one of the most popular Chinese newspapers in the United States, carries The Forgotten Historical Chapter: Dr. Dave Wang and His Study of the U.S. Founding Fathers and China (被遗漏的历史篇章: 王小良和“美國開國元勳與中國”研究) on December 12, 2009. This feature article was written by Mr. Liming Guan, a famous reporter. In his article, Mr. Guan introduces Dr. Wang's research and the impact of the latter's original research on the academic circles and the general readers at large in the world. the well-known website, put the main content of Mr. Guan's feature article on its website. Its version in simplified Chinese is available through this link. World Huaren Federation, the famous website based in Australia, also promotes Mr. Guan's article. You can access it through this link. I wish I had time to make it possible for English readers to enjoy this excellent article. If anyone wants to translate it into English, please feel free to contact me.



作者:管黎明 時間:2009-12-14 14:22:07 點擊:110次


直到十多年前,在亞利桑納大學攻讀博士學位的王小良在搜尋資料時,注意到富蘭克林在書信中屢屢提及中國,隨後的調查開啟了他歷時十多年的“美國開國元勳與中國”的研究。他的研究日益受到美國眾多研究機構、政界人士及學者的關注。甚至連作過前總統肯尼迪和現任總統奧巴馬顧問的前參議員Harris Wofford在兩年前訪問中國時,還特地帶上了王小良的著作。










說到中國對早期美國的影響,貿易自然是不能忽略的一個方面。王小良在他的“與中國通商”(With China We Trade)一文中提到了華盛頓當年對開發中美貿易的關注。


1784年2月,第一艘駛往中國的美國船隻——“中國皇后號”(Empress of China),在紐約碼頭啟程,駛往中國的廣東。華盛頓本人親自簽署了“船書”(Sea letter,國際航海中表明船隻身份的文書)。這無疑顯示了美國的開國總統對與中國進行貿易往來的重視,他希望“中國皇后號”能為新生的國家打開新的航路,新的市場和建立新的貿易夥伴。






富蘭克林最早接觸到孔子的學說是在歐洲,而不是在美國。早在1724年,富蘭克林借錢前往倫敦,目的是去購買一台印刷設備。他利用在倫敦的時間拼命研讀各種書籍,其中一本便是1691年倫敦出版的《孔子道德學說》(The Morals of Confucius),其中有關君子如何修養自己的身心,然後向子民傳播,以及“修身、齊家、養性”等理念給年輕的富蘭克林留下了深刻的印象,以至於他將其中一段話特地印在了1737年3月出版的《賓州紀事報》(Pennsylvania Gazette)上,與殖民地的讀者分享。

王小良引用作者Edmund Morgan在《本傑明·富蘭克林》一書中的話表示,在富蘭克林最終決定了自己的行為準則和信仰後,他並不挂在嘴上,而是在行動中處處以這些思想為指導,來決定自己的作人和處世方式。


在1737-1738年間,富蘭克林在他的《賓州紀事報》上刊登了一系列介紹孔子思想的文章,標題為《孔子道德摘選》(From the Morals of Confucius)。他在文中認為,孔子的思想解決了三個方面的問題:人們應當如何來培養自己的情操,規範自己的行為;用什麼樣的方法來指導別人;人們應當如何尊重和致力於社會公益。


王小良在研究中發現,富蘭克林是在1756年修建了他的“北美版”的長城,當時他率領500名殖民地士兵負責保衛賓夕法尼亞,以確保當地的居民不受法國人和印第安人的侵襲。在給好友Samuel Rhodes的一封信中,富蘭克林明確表示,單單修建碉堡並不能保證我們的安全,必須修建一座象中國那樣的城墻,把殖民地的兩端都連起來,這樣才能起到保護的作用。雖然這座“長城”沒有被保存下來,但根據富蘭克林的兒子後來的作證,那座城墻對法國人和印第安人構成了巨大的障礙,令他們無法進入殖民地核心區域。



自18世紀初開始,中國的建築和傢具風格在北美逐漸流行開來,人們視這些來自遙遠的中華帝國的設計為流行時尚。當時的傢具如座椅和櫥櫃等流行一種“Chinese Chippendale”的風格,其典型特點便是在頂部擁有像寶塔一樣的曲線,刻上龍的圖案,以及兩邊的“耳朵”往上翹起。



傑斐遜在弗吉尼亞州的莊園 Monticello 至今被視為美國最珍貴的建築遺產之一。而傑斐遜本人也將其視為自己的建築理念和各種建築嘗試的體現。這是一座義大利文藝復興風格的建築,但在其中的墻壁裝飾和護欄上採用了許多中國雕花格子的設計,這一設計也被他用在了位於Farmington和Barboursville的兩處住所內。

根據王小良的研究,傑斐遜在晚年曾一度考慮修建一座有中國式屋頂的建築,以及幾座中國式的亭子。他在1771年的筆記中明確表示,他希望修建一座方形的“中國廟宇”(a square “Chinese Temple”)。據記載,建築兩層高,其中一邊要有四根柱子。傑斐遜寫道,“和普通的(義大利式)Tuscan風格相比,我更傾向於這些中國的廟宇設計。”

王小良認為,傑斐遜的莊園建築在他生前和去世後,都被來自世界各地的人瞻仰,因此,人們有理由相信,他的設計風格和理念影響了各地的人,其中的中國元素無疑也會被無數的人注意到。王小良引述一名研究者Kiersten Larsen Davis在評價殖民地時期美國對中國裝飾藝術的追隨時表示,“在他的私人居所裏包含的中國元素,使得傑斐遜的Monticello莊園成為了傑斐遜本人對中國文化的推崇的公共展示。”、





Saturday, December 5, 2009

168. More Websites Promote Benjamin Franklin and China

Dr. Wang's study of the founding fathers and Chinese civilization has attracted more and more attention world wide. Recently I have found that some well-known websites promote Dr. Wang's paper, Benjamin Franklin and China. ---A Survey of Benjamin Franklin's Efforts at Drawing. Positive Elements from Chinese Civilization during the Formative Age. The site, lookpdf allows you download his paper. In the site you find the short introductory essay from the New York Times This site tells you that Dr.Wang's paper explains the reason why Franklin did not mention Confucius name in his widely read autobiography and demonstrates Franklin had a very deep interest in the Chinese governmental system, economic theory and industrial technologies. This site also promotes Benjamin Franklin and China. The website provides Benjamin Franklin to its readers. The following site give you access to Benjamin Franklin and China. The well known organized by Dr. Mark Skousen, the eighth generation of Benjamin Franklin introduces briefly Dr. Wang's research. You can also find Dr. Wang's paper in this site. With this site you can download his paper, Benjamin Franklin and China. This is another site that you can download his paper.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

167. Dr. Wang’s Study of the Founding Fathers and China Has Reached Chinese Media

I have found that some media in Chinese have promoted Dr. Wang’s study of traditional Chinese culture and the early development of the United States. In the following I will introduce you some of them:

B. 侨报 CHINA PRESS : The widely read Chinese newspaper
C. 中国国家汉办 The Executive office of the Chinese Language Council International 国家汉办指出,王博士是研究中国文化对美国开国元勋的影响的专家,著作颇丰。王博士指出,美国开国元勋们在建国之初吸取了中国文明中很多积极的成分。比如,本杰明•富兰克林提倡用儒家思想培养个人修养和品行,乔治•华盛顿试着在自己的花园里种植中国花卉,托马斯•杰佛逊曾把中国的建筑设计同欧洲的建筑设计方式结合起来,从而创造出新的建筑模式。用王博士的话来说:“美国开国元勋们努力借鉴或学习中国哲学思想,这对于后来的美国政治家们影响很大,成了这个国家一笔宝贵的遗产。
Hanban is the executive body of the Chinese Language Council International, a non-governmental and non-profit organization affiliated to the Ministry of Education of China. Hanban is committed to making the Chinese language and culture teaching resources and services available to the world, to meeting the demands of overseas Chinese learners to the utmost, to contributing to the formation of a world of cultural diversity and harmony
D. 美国网络电视www.uswtv.com致力于建设最好的海外华人交流平台,
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