Saturday, January 30, 2010

178. Why Does Dr. Wang Study the Founding Fathers and China

I started this blog on March 16, 2007. It is almost three years. I think that it is the time for me to answer the question, "Why do you study the topic, the founding fathers and China? "

The purpose of my study of the topic is not that I want to demonstrate that Chinese culture is superior to western culture. I don't believe that one civilization is superior to others. It may be true in certain period of time, such as China's strong dynasties and Europe during its age of the industrial revolution. I want to find out the reasons why the United States has developed into a superpower from the thirteen small colonies in such a short period of time in world history.

If we dig deep in our history we will find the significant role played by the founding father's great wisdom of drawing nourishment from Chinese civilization. I firmly believe that the tradition of drawing nourishment from other cultures, including Chinese culture, laid by the founding fathers with the wisdom and the foresight of learning from valuable recorded human experiences, contributed greatly to this. It is my purpose to study the topic. I maintain that the founding fathers wisdom still a valuable legacy which all peoples in the world today should carry down.

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