Monday, February 8, 2010

180. The Tradition, Reagan and Obama

In Time Magazine, February 8, 2010, I have found this article titled "Learn from the Gipper: To Get back on track, Barack Obama should borrow from the playbook of Ronald Regan by Mark Halperin.

The author pointed out correctly, "Like Reagan, Obama has a respect for the broad sweep of American history." This is particularly true. Both presidents valued and inherited the good tradition of drawing nourishment from Chinese civilization started by the founding fathers of this great nation. Ronald Reagan in his 1988 State of the Union Address, quoted Laozi’s advice. In his speech on July 29, 2009 President Barack Obama cited Mencius, one of the main contributors to Confucianism.
I should add something here, otherwise, some might think that I am making a mountain out a molehill. What does it mean for us?

It tells us at least the following two things; first of all, Chinese Civilization, like West Civilization, as recorded human experience, belongs to the whole world. Secondly, to learn from Chinese civilization won't belittle a person who grows up in West Civilization, but enlarge him and glorify him. They haven't turned into Chinese yet. They remain Americans, however, they are not narrow-minded ones but the ones with wisdom of learning from others and the ones who have inherited the tradition of the founding fathers. In this point, we have enough reason to believe that the United States will continue to be a great power in the world and continue to be a lantern on the hill, showing a justified direction that other countries should follow. We know this from the presidents' respect for the tradition of the founding fathers.

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