Friday, January 28, 2011

207. Chinese Cultural Influence on Colonial North America

The Well-known Huaren Magazine, based in Australia, published in its September 2010 Issue, Dr. Dave Wang's Paper, "From Confucius to the Great Wall of China: Chinese Cultural Influence on Colonial North America." In the following please enjoy a paragraph of his paper:

The Americans wanted to diminish their reliance on taxed imports and ultimately their need for other goods controlled by England. Their pursuing self supply of Chinese porcelain ware became a powerful call for the patriotic support of American economical independence. Some colonists started attempts to establish a porcelain manufactory company in Philadelphia in 1769.

They established the factory on Prime Street “near the present day navy yard, intended to make china at a savings of 15,000 £. “ Benjamin Franklin, who was in London at the time, showed his happiness seeing the achievement made by his countrymen. He said, “I am pleased to find so good progress made in the China Manufactory. I wish it Success most heartily.”

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