Wednesday, June 15, 2011

228. US-China Trade in Yarmouth, Mass

In previous posts, I have told my readers the fact that New England can serve as a valuable historical museum for those who are interested in US-China relations in economic perspective in the early history of the United Sate. Even on Cape Cod you can find a living museum reflecting the splendid history of American traders' efforts to engage the trade with China.

There is a museum, called Captain Banges Hallet House. The historical house provides you an intimate glance into how Chinese products influenced 19th century family life. It is hardly imagine that it would take 16 to 18 months for American traders to bring back Chinese products to the American shore. This museum exhibits various Chinese products the captain bought in China from the 18th century, such as silk fabric, toys, porcelain, lacquered pieces and, of course, tea.

In order to give you a vivid picture of the captain's China trip, the house parlors "are arranged as if the captain was just returning from his voyage to China". In the meantime, you also can find a general description of the China trade in this area through reading this brief history of American trade with China.

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