Sunday, July 3, 2011

233. Alexander Hamilton Loved Franklin's Fire Place

On the basis of assimilating Chinese heating technology, Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)who was always "interested in the problem of heating and ventilation," invented a fire place, which was called the Pennsylvania Fire Place. Soon, the fire place was spread from Pennsylvania to Northeast colonies, including New York and Massachusetts. Alexander Hamilton (1755/57-1804)was very happy to find Franklin's invention.

Hamilton testified that Franklin's new stove chimneys were much improved in New York. He also reserved one for Cadwallader Colden (1688-1776). In 1744, The American Magazine and Historical Chronicle introduced the new invented Pennsylvania Fire Place. In Boston, where Franklin was born, Benjamin Mecom (1748-1765) also obtained one for his printing office. For more information, please read Michael Kraus, Intercolonial Aspects of American Culture on the Eve of the Revolution, with Special Reference to the Northern Towns , New York, Octogaon Books, Inc, 1964.

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