Saturday, February 22, 2014

338. 230 Anniversary: The Empress of China Sailed to China From the East River

Not long ago, in a University at Manhattan I asked a group of graduate students, "Any of you knows where the US China relations were started?" They were surprised when I told them that the relations were started right here, New York. I don't know how many people remember today, February 22. 230 years ago, some heroes of the American Revolutionary War, under the support of the founding fathers of the United States, gathered on the ship, the Empress of China, and started her virgin sail to China from the East River between Manhattan and the Long Island.

As of today, the relations between China and the United States have walked through 230 years. Clearly, without the efforts of the revolutionary veterans who overcame numerous challenges established the direct connections between the oldest nation and the newest nation in then world, there would be no 230 anniversary.

I would like to introduce you Dr. Dave Wang's article, with China We Trade published by Asian Times on Line. Embodying Americans' hope to break through the British blockade and revitalize the depressed postwar economy, the Empress of China, the first American commercial ship after its independence, left New York for Canton (Guangzhou), China, on February 22, 1784. Before the Empress of China left the East River Harbor of New York, George Washington duly signed the sea letter, guiding the purpose of the Empress of China's voyage. Dr. Dave Wang's paper is available with this link.

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