Sunday, June 21, 2015

399. Dr. Dave Wang's Papers Have Been Adopted As Teaching Materials

My readers should know that Dr. Dave Wang’s papers have walked into University classrooms and been adopted as graduate and undergraduate reading assignments by some universities in the United States and abroad as well. With this post I introduce you that the Seminar of USC (The University of South California) U.S.-China Institute has included Dr. Dave Wang’s papers in the reading assignments.  Ms. EmilyIsler, who took the seminar on US and China relations, expressed that “ I really enjoyed reading about the US founding fathers and the Chinese influence on their architecture, economic policies, and first political affairs. Clay, did you plan our lecture based upon this reading? I feel like everything you talked about was mentioned in the first article titled The US Founders and China. In particular I didn't realize that our major canals here in the US were based upon Chinese canals. I am from Cleveland but I had no idea the Erie Canal was influenced by earlier Chinese canals.” Ms. Isler teaches at Rolling Hills Prep, 10th grade World History, 10th grade AP European She was excited to learn more about US/Chinese relations and she really enjoyed 2011 fall seminar.

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