Saturday, June 27, 2015

400. Dr. Dave Wang's Main Publications Since September 2013

Dr.Dave Wang has delivered lectures and speeches on the topic of US founders and Chinese civilization at universities in Lisbon, London, New York, Rome, Singapore, and Tokyo.  Dr. Wang is the author of over thirty articles on the influence of traditional Chinese civilization on the early development of the United States. Below you will find his recent publications in the subject.  You can find his other publications in Post 300 and Post 200

33. Defending the American Colonies: Benjamin Franklin’s Great Wall, 1756-1776,  VirginiaReview of Asian Studies, Volume 17, 2015
32. Confucius in the American Founding: The Founders’ Efforts to Use Confucian Moral Philosophy in Their Endeavor to Create New Virtue for the New Nation, Virginia Review of Asian Studies, Volume 16, 2014 

31. Benjamin Franklin: Chinese Yu Yunwen in North America: Franklin’s Personal Experiences in the Front and the Formation of His Notion of the Great Walls”  HuarenE-Magazine (Australia) September, 2013


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