Sunday, March 18, 2007

019.Benjamin Franklin Reported the Discovery of the Famous Chinese Ginseng

In 1744 Franklin sent twice some specemen of the famous Chinese Ginseng to his friends in Boston. Having heard nothing back, he sent a letter to his parents on September 6, 1744. The fact tells, Franklin had by then learned that Ginseng was an important commercial product highly demanded in China.

We know that Gensing played a significant role in the start of the trade between the fledgling United States and China. The Empress of China, supported, organized and opperated by the American fighters in the Revolutionary War sailed from New York to Canton on Februay 22, 1784 with a load of Gensing. The sail opened the relations between the two nations.

The following is the quote from Benjamin Franklin letter to Abiah Franklin, 6 September 1744;

"He would be glad of a Correspondence with some Gentlemen of the same Taste with you; and has twice thro’ my Hands sent Specimens of the famous Chinese Ginseng, found here, to Persons who desired it in Boston neither of whom have had the Civility to write him a Word in Answer, even to acknowledge the Receipt of it; of which please to give a Hint to Br. John."

Franklin also pointed out that the American Ginseng could be used to develop the trade between China and North American colonies.

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