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081. Experts on Dr. Wang's Project, Chinese Civilization and the Early Development of the United States

In order to celebrate the anniversary of my blog and help you to understand better Dr. Wang's project, I provide you with the following comments on the project, THE EARLY DEVELOPMENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND CHINESE CIVILIZATION. Dr. Wang has received many comments given by the experts and scholars from various parts of the world. I choose among the numerous letters the following paragraphs. Forgive me, for I have decided to give you just initials of the experts'. If you need further information regarding their comments on Dr. Wang's project, please do not hesitate to contact me or Dr. Wang.


Dr. N L
I have attentively read your work on Benjamin Franklin and China. It was exiting to follow the detailed way in which show how Franklin made use of Confucius's ideas and moral values to improve his own life and also the life of his fellow Americans. The philosophical teachings he derived from Confucius helped him become socially and economically successful. Franklin materialized Confucius moral philosophy into practical works which were not only beneficial for him, but for society as a whole. He turned Confucius moral philosophy in better quality of life by applying it to improve agriculture, industry, technology and also the government and welfare systems of his time.

The great deed brought about by Franklin through the study and adjournment of the positive elements of Chinese civilization, particularly of Confucius moral philosophy, in search for the happiness of the individual and of humankind, comes very close to the work the Buenos Aires Yoga School (BAYS) has been carrying out for the last 23 years. BAYS is a philosophical laboratory which takes the ideas of the great thinker of all times – a group to which, of course, Confucius and Franklin belong to – and applies them to improve the quality of life of the individual and his environment.

As a lover of wisdom I admire your work and it is a great pleasure to be able to continue this enriching exchange with you.


Dr. K C
Wishing you another successful New Year in your great work which will help to bring mutual understanding between East and West Chinese and Western world. Keep up with your excellent work


I have read you paper and I was really impressed. It is EXTREMELY interesting and I have never before heard that Benjamin Franklin was aware of and interested in the Great Wall of China! How did he know? I really liked your paper and I hope that you will publish it, so that much more scholars become aware of the great influence China had on early America! Really fascinating.

I appreciate your sending me the links to your articles. What you are doing is very interesting and opens paths in various directions.

I have actually read both your essay on Franklin and the ones on Tea and Ginseng, and I found all of them stimulating and rich in new reading perspectives on early American Civilization. I think you're doing an important work and I want to thank you for referring me to it.


Dr. I F
It is very interesting to notice that Boston Tea Party was derived from tea from China, as well as Benjamin Franklyn became so interested in Chinese civilization to forward his ideas. Thank you again, and I wish we could correspond fruitfully on the relation between China and the U.S.

Thank you again for your very insightful and challenging theses, Dave. I do believe the historical relations
between China and the U.S. should be more clearly made public to promote friendly and mutually beneficial relations.

The United States

Dr. S B
I have just finished going over your paper. You did an excellent job. Franklin really appreciated China and you scoured the literature thoroughly to obtain all the references to prove it... Excellent

Dr. W D
I have now read, word for word, your splendid paper on BF, and cannot suggest a single addition or change. It contains some important historical facts and insights too little known in this ahistorical country here.
Congratulations on a significant and fascinating piece of research, written in flawless English.

The theme of the Founding Fathers & China is both timely and important. Keep up the research.

Dr. D H
You certainly make a solid argument for Franklin's use of Chinese philosophy and culture into his own philosophy for America. Franklin seemed to believe in a creative source that was perhaps benign but not actively involved in the affairs of mankind. Men had to find there way by reason, etc. Also, walking the Way seems directly related to various Eastern philosophical positions, such as the Tao.

I've read your paper, and I found it to be a good argument in favor of the notion that Franklin did study and use much from Chinese Civilization towards building a stable American Society. I particularly liked the section on
Confucian philosophy. You use primary sources in building a case for Franklin's adoption of some aspects of this thought in his own striving for excellence in character. The development of an American character is, as you argue, one of Franklin's great contributions to American culture.

Franklin's practical minded-ness and his efforts to develop a strong economy for Americans is also developed in your paper. As you illustrate, he did look at such things as how to heat efficiently, and you document well, his study
of Chinese methods of heating. Agriculture was also an important topic for him because he knew the expansion and growth of the society depended on it. On the other hand you explain well the relevance of the Chinese ship-building with tight compartments.

Dr. C L
I have read your essay on Franklin and China. The topic is fascinating and you have obviously done a lot of research.

Last evening I was conducting a web search when I came upon your blog and your essay, ‘Benjamin Franklin and China –A Survey of Benjamin Franklin’s Efforts at Drawing Positive Elements from Chinese Civilization During the
Formative Age of the United States.’ Your paper is a fascinating treatise on a subject few have researched and published.

Dr. D S
Although I have always admired Franklin, I confess that I have yet to learn enough about him—in spite of the fact that my late and beloved father was at one time the curator of the Franklin Collection at the Yale University. And until I read your article I knew nothing of his writings on China. Congratulations and best Wishes.

Dr. M S
This is a fascinating, new area of study.

Dr. R S
Thank you very much for sending your article on Franklin and Confucius; I found it very interesting and informative. As a matter of fact, after reading your article I decided to read Franklin's Autobiography. What a wonderful story! (Sad to say, I had never read it before and probably would not have if I hadn't been your essay.)

Dr. P T
What a wonderful piece of research, Dave. Congratulations! Your ideas are superb.

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of your paper on Franklin and Confucius. I was impressed by its depth, clarity of thought, and scholarship.

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