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096. Basic Materials in U.S. China Relations

For the purpose of saving your time I provide you with the links of basic materials in the study of the Sino-American Relations. If you know other links please contact me.

01.Chinese Export Porcelain for the American Trade, 1785-1835 (free book on Google)
02.Caleb Cushing, 1800-1879
03. Cushing Papers
04.Anson Burlingame (1820-1870)
05.Burlingame Treaty
, 1868
06.Li Hongzhang
07.Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882
08.Chinese Americans

09.Chinese American and Trans-continental railroad

10.John Dewey in China

11.Magnuson Act
, 1943
12.John Hay’s first
open door note
1899 A
13.critical examination
of Open door policy
14.Open door policy
15.William W. Rockhill’s report
16.Boxer Rebellion
17.Eight-Nation Alliance
18.Boxer Rebellion Indemnity Scholarship Program

19.American forces
in the Box Rebellion

20.Dollar diplomacy
, 1909-1913

21.Knox plan opposed
by the Russians
22.Knox plan opposed by the Japanese
21 demands
in 1915
24.Woodrow Wilson’s China Policy, 1913-1917 —online book
26.Russian Revolution and Wilson’s Far Eastern Policy (FTP File)
27.The Lansing and Ishii Exchange Notes of 1917
28.Treaty of Versailles 1919
29.The May fourth Movement 1919
30.US and Japan Hostility from 1915 to 1932
31.Washington conference 1921-1922
32.Five power pact
33.Nine power pact
34.American Policy
and the Chinese Revolution, 1925-1928 (online book)
35.Kellogg and Briand pact of 1928
36.September 18, 1931 Incident
37.Stimson Doctrine, 1932
38.Lytton Report
39.Chennault’s Flying Tiger
40.Chinese Americans’ Contribution during the Sino-Japanese War

41.Sino-American Treaty
42.The Chinese Exclusion Repeal Act, December 17, 1943

43.Cairo Conference
, November 22-26, 1943
44,Cairo Declaration, 1943
45.PRC’s position on Cairo Declaration
45.Taiwan Independent opinion
46.Dixie Mission ---United States Army Observation Group, 1944-1947
47.Hurley Mission, 1944
Burma (Myanmar)-India
Stillwell and Chiang

50.Tehran Conference
, November 28-December 1, 1943
51.Marshall Mission and its Failure, 1945-1947

52.Yalta Conference
, February 4-11, 1945

53.Potsdam Conference
, July 16- August 2, 1945

54.Potsdam Agreement

55.Mao Zedong on US China Relations, including White Paper Friedship or Agrression Fairwell. Leighton Stuart Cast Away Illusions
56.Dean Acheson
Acheson Papers

58.China Lobby
59.Joseph McCarthy, 1908-1957
60.Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty 1954
61.Chinese Nuclear Weapons
62.The history of the first Chinese Atomic Bomb
63.Ping Pang Diplomacy, 1971
64.Nixon’s Trip to China with original documents
65.The Shanghai Communiqué, February, 27, 1972
66.Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations, 1 January 1979
67.Joint Sino-US Communiqué, August 17, 1982
68.Taiwan Relation Act, January 1, 1979
69.US Arms Sales to Taiwan, Congress Report 2008
70.Major Events in US.-China Relations, 1972- 2001
71.Taiwan’s Political Status: Historical Background and On-going Implications (PDF)
72.Normalization of US and China Relations: An Introductory History

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