Saturday, January 3, 2009

123. George Washington's China

George Washington loved Chinese porcelain. I here collect online information concerning his Chinese porcelain wares.
A. George and Martha Washington's China
B. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Chinese Porcelain Ware
C. The Blue China Book The Blue-china Book: Early American Scenes and History Pictured in the Pottery of the Time ; with a Supplementary Chapter Describing the Celebrated Collection of Presidential China in the White house at Washington D.C. and a Complete Checklist of Known Examples of Anglo-American Pottery , By Ada Walker Camehl, Published by Tudor, 1916, Original from the University of Michigan Digitized Aug 18, 2006
307 pages.
D. Chinese Export Porcelain for the American Trade, 1785-1835, By Jean McClure Mudge, Published by University of Delaware Press, 1981. This revised edition of a book first published in 1962 is still the only work that goes to fresh, primary shipping sources to tell the story of America's trade in export Chinese porcelain. There are over one hundred photographs in the book covering all the major types of export porcelain both common and uncommon, made for America. Illustrated.
E. The George Washington Collection: Fine and Decorative Arts at Mount Vernon, By Carol Borchert Cadou, Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union, Published by Hudson Hills, 2006
F. George Washington's antiques at Mount Vernon
G. Chinese Canton Porcelain

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