Wednesday, April 22, 2009

139. Chinese Civilization and the Early Development of the United States

Invited by Cleveland Public Library, one of the most prestigous public and research libraries in the United States, On December 6, 2008 Dr. Dave Wang deliverfed his speech on the influence of Chinese civilization on the United States in its formative age. You can find the event on line. In his speech, Dr. Wang talked about how US founders, such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, used positive elements from Chinese civilization in their efforts to build a new nation in North America. He introduced his audience the following quotation from former President Bill Clinton; "Long before the United States was even born, China was a stronghold of creativity, knowledge, and wealth. From the printing China invented to the poetry it produced, from medicine and mathematics to the magnetic compass and humanistic philosophies, many of China's earliest gifts still enrich our lives today."
Remarks at a state dinner honoring President Jiang, 11.03, 1997. The Organization of Chinese American of Greater Cleverland introduced Dr. Wang's speech on its website.

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