Wednesday, April 22, 2009

140. The Founding Fathers and Chinese Civilization

Dr. Wang presented the Founding Fathers of the United States and Chinese Civilization at the Third World Conference on American Studies held in Lisbon, the capital of Portugalin 2007.
Firmly believing that the founding fathers of the United States were among the main architectures of the fiber of American civilization, Dr. Wang explores that the founding fathers with a great vision for this nation worked hard to draw nourishments from Chinese civilization during the formative age of the United States. Dr. Wang mainly examines Benjamin Franklin’s, George Washington’s and Thomas Jefferson’s efforts to use the positive elements from Chinese civilization to build a new nation in North America. The scope of their efforts to borrow from Chinese civilization is so wide, including almost every aspect of the civilization, from Chinese classics, economic plants to industrial technologies. Benjamin Franklin promoted Analects of Confucius to North America in his effort to enhance people’s virtue in North America. He also worked hard to introduce industrial technologies into American society. George Washington, who loved to use Chinese products, tried to grow Chinese flowers in his garden. Thomas Jefferson attempted to combine Chinese architectural style with the European style. The founding fathers’ efforts have produced great influence on the United States and become a valuable legacy. The examination of this legacy will enable us to further understand and grasp the whole picture of the formation of American civilization.

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