Saturday, January 9, 2010

174. Benjamin Franklin and Confucius Moral Philosophy

New Year has started. It is to my delight that I have found my study of the U.S. Founding Fathers and China is gaining momentum. I often receive emails from unknown people, asking how they can get my papers. Interestingly enough, my study of Benjamin Franklin and China has become so popular that a professor has used the phrase as his talking title somewhere.

However, I think that his talking should be titled differently, for I have found the content of his talk is about how Benjamin Franklin was treated in China. It sounds better, if called Benjamin Franklin in China. It seems that Benjamin Franklin and China has become a phrase as popular as the United States and China. It serves as an indicator that my study is getting more and more popular.

Today I browsed on the web and found the poster of my Rome Presentation. It is very funny that I couldn't find it when I posted my talk, Benjamin Franklin and Confucius Moral Philosophy. Here it is. You can enjoy it in Italian style. Thank the Italian National Center for American Studies at Rome, and several other professors from various Italian prestigious universities, who sponsored my talk there.

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