Sunday, February 14, 2010

181. Two Schools on the Relatioins Between the United States and China

Current development of the U.S.-China relations is not in my radar. However, sometimes I feel it is interesting to introduce my readers main academic trends discussed among the experts specializing in the relations.

There are basically two schools represented by Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson, the creator of the word Chimerica. He predicts that the Chimerica is headed for Divorce. According to him, "the frictions are building and will lead to divorce, conflict and potential catastrophe. (David Brooks, New York Times July 3, 2009)

In the eyes of James Fallows of The Atlantic , Ferguson's analysis is "airy-fairy academic theorizing." He agrees that China and the U.S. will dominate the 21st century, but he sees the picture of a more benign cooperation.

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