Thursday, July 22, 2010

191. Feedback on Dr. Wang's Speech in Japan

Dr. Wang delivered his Speech in Japan. In the following you can find the announcement on his talk in Japan:

2010年6月19日(土)AJフォーラム19 "From Confucius to the Great Wall: Chinese Cultural Influence on Colonial North America"「孔子から長城まで:独立前の北米への中国文化の影響」を行いました。
日時:2010年6月19日(土) 15:00~17:00
講師:Dr. Dave Wang (Manager, Queens Library at Hollis, Adjunct Professor, St. Johns University, Guest Professor, Jilin Normal University)


How is his speech viewed by Japanese professors? The following quote is from Professor Tokubumi Shibata, Kokushikan University:

I, my colleagues and students have learned from you very much.
Your lecture was not only interesting but stimulating and meaningful.
It is I who should express gratefulness. I am looking for another chance to see and talk with you.
July 16, 2010

You also can enjoy the photos taken when Dr. Wang made his speech through this link.

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numberonesurvivor said...

Thanks for posting this blog. I have always wondered what China thinks about American history.