Monday, February 21, 2011

210. Restore Washington's Chinese Flower Garden

February 22 is George Washington's birthday. From reading Dr. Wang's Paper, George Washington and Chinese flowers I have learned that Washington worked to build a Chinese garden in Mount Vernon, his bucolic estate in Northern Virginia. After reading his paper, I feel that we should reconstruct Washington's Chinese Garden in order to realize Washington's dream to let Chinese flowers beautify the lands of the United States of America.

From his diary we know that on July 8, 1785 Washington chose a good place next to the garden wall in his “well cultivated and neatly kept” botanical garden and sowed “one half the Chinese Seed given by Mr. Porter and Doctor. James Craik. Washington, for the purpose of making sure the Chinese flowers blossom, took very detailed notes, including the procedure how he planted the seeds of the flowers. For more information concerning how Washington planted the flowers, please reader Dr. Dave Wang's Paper, George Washington and Chinese Flowers

Saturday, February 19, 2011

209. Benjamin Franklin and China Gets Momentum

We know that the Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary published Dr. Wang’s paper Benjamin Franklin and China, in 2005. I have monitored the impact of this paper since then because I thought that his paper would be forgotten or ignored quickly in the era of the information explosion. To my surprise, I have in this windy and interesting February of 2011 found that Benjamin Franklin and China gets momentum. Over 20 well-known websides have joined the Tercentenary to promote his paper, Benjamin Franklin and China. In the following I introduce you the sites. We have reason to believe that the influence of Benjamin Franklin and China will continue.

01. The Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary

02. New York Times, January 29, 2009

03. Doxtop: Get Published




07. Look PDF

08. DailyBust: Your PDF Search

09. Mild PDF: Browse and download for Free

10. Source Ebook PDF Free Read and Search here…



13. PDF Searching Engine

14. Leer Online Benjamin Franklin and China

15. PDE Ebooks downloads


17. PDF Cari

18. Rapid PDF The Place where PDFs live

19. PDF Dowload Free

20. PDF Engine

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

208. The Founding Fathers and Confucius

Around the founding period of the United States there was a fever for Confucius, as shown by a collective fondness of Confucius ideals by the founding fathers. In reality, five founding fathers expressed their reverence of Confucius. This phenomenon led one scholar to make the claim that Confucius “dominated early American perspectives Chinese worship."

The word “dominated” might be too strong in describing the milieu; however, an undeniable fact is that the founding fathers emphasized Confucius and his philosophy in various publications, which were published throughout colonial North America. The founding fathers, such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Rush and James Madison expressed their high regard of Confucius and his moral philosophy.

Why Confucius became so attractive? You can find more from reading Dr. Dave Wang's paper from this link.