Saturday, April 9, 2011

216. Chinese Infuence in the West

The late Professor Derk Bodde designed a teaching workbook for the Committee on Asian Studies in American Education. He outlined the Chinese cultural influence on the Western ideas. In July 1948, Professor Howard E. Wilson, Chairman, Committee on Asiatic Studies in American Education recommended the teaching workbook in the following,

It is more important today than ever before that men of all cultures understand themselves, understand other cultures, and understand the interchange and expansion of ideas which have created a common denominator of all civilization. Unless that understanding can be gained and used as a basis for wise action, the nations of the modern world may destroy themselves and civilization as we know it." Then he suggested everyone to benefit from “the gifted pen of Derk Bodde.”

Professor Wilson stated that Professor Bodde's opinion is addressed "to all who are interested in where our ideas came from and in the contributions of China to our civilization. The article will be useful for classes in literature, in science, in history, and in civics, and for the general reader." Please learn from Professor Bodde's Chinese Ideas in the West.

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