Thursday, April 28, 2011

221. The Hip of US-China Relations

In USA Today, January 19, 2011, Lewis M. Simons, published his article, U.S.-China relations: a newfound maturity. According to him, the United States and China will be "likely to pay mutual respect to each others' countries while acknowledging a reality at times irritating to both: that the United States and China — even though they are destined to bicker and disagree — are joined at the hip."

I totally agree with him upon this point. What I want to add humbly to his strong argument is that we need to find the origin of the hip of the relations between the two nations, that will decide what kind of world we and coming generations are going to live in this and coming centuries.

If you read this blog and Dr. Dave Wang's publications on United States founders and China, you won't have any difficulties to understand the meaning and the intention when the founders worked hard to borrow positive elements from China and worked hard to establish direct relations with the Empire. The hip was made right there in North America during the formative age of the United States.

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