Saturday, June 11, 2011

226. The Connecticut River Valley and the China Trade

The economic relationship between China and the United States has had a long history. How long has it been? The relationship started as soon as the United States was established.

With this post I will introduce you the impact of China trade on Connecticut.
Middletown,located in Middlesex County, Connecticut, along the Connecticut River became a center of the China trade in Connecticut. In 1787, two years after the Empress of China reached Canton, China. The news that China’s love of American Ginseng spread to the Connecticut River Valley. Jeremiah Wadsworth contracted with William Moore of Greenfield, Massachusetts for 800 pounds of Ginseng. Numerous business persons and residents engaged trade with China during the early period of the United States.

In an exhibit not long ago, over 120 China trade goods originally owned by Connecticut River Valley residents were displayed. You can obtain more information concerning the entrepreneurs’ enthusiastic pursuit of the trade with China from this paper, Canton and Connecticut. I also find an excellent paper, discussing, The Connecticut Rive Valley and the China Trade. You also don't want to miss this introductory paper, The Connecticut River Valley and the China Trade by Amanda Lange.

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