Sunday, June 12, 2011

227. Ginseng Becomes Important Again in US-China Trade

From this weblog, I guess that you have learned some knowlege on how important the Man Roots was for the founding fathers' efforts to establish direct economic relations with China during the founding era of the United States.

Over two hundred years have passed. The United States has grown from an agricultural country into the most developed country in the world. With so many high tech products envied by people from other countries, including the Chinese, Ginseng's role and its contribution to the United States in US-China trade are forgoten by Americans. However, history could repeat itself in certain times. Ginseng comes back again. The herb has become significant once again in the critical time when the United States is battling to recover from this economic recess. I have come across a paper, telling the true story from which you can find that Ginsing has become important again in American trade with China. You will find that at a time when the Chinese are getting rich exporting to Americans, some Americans become countertrender who get rich through exporting Ginseng to the Chinese. Please enjoy this fabulous story with this link.

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