Saturday, December 3, 2011

245. Benjamin Rush and China

Benjamin Rush (1745-1813) was among the first group of colonists who wanted to build a porcelain factory in North America. For Dr. Rush, colonies’ production of porcelain ware was one of the means to overcome the colonies’ dependence on Great Britain for goods and trade. The endeavor of building such a factory was far beyond the porcelain only. It demonstrated the colonists’ determination to be independent from their motherland.

"Go on in encouraging American manufactures. I have many schemes in view with regard to these things. I have made those mechanical arts which are connected with chemistry the particular objects of my study and not without hopes of seeing a china manufactory established in Philadelphia in the course of a few years. Yes, we will be revenged by the mother country. For my part, I am resolved to devote my head, my heart, and my pen entirely to the service of America, and promise myself much assistance from you in everything of this kind that I shall attempt through life."
More information on Chinese cultural influence on the founding fathers is available through reading this article.

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