Tuesday, April 14, 2015

387. Benjamin Franklin and a Modern American Patriot

Mr. Stephan A. Schwartz (Distinguished Consulting Faculty, Saybrook University and Editor Schwartzreport.net ) is correct when he pointed out that  "No founder had as detailed a plan, or worked more diligently to create the kind of country he had in mind than Benjamin Franklin."

Franklin created many valuable things for the United States. They are well-known and I don't have to make a long list here. It is well-known that he was a founder of the first hospital and worked hard to find food plants from other parts of the world and had them transplanted in north America. However, more importantly, Franklin set up a moral example for Americans to follow. In his life time, he tirelessly advanced his own virtue and urged others to do the same. In order allow others to enjoy virtue principles of Confucius, he published some works of the great philosopher in 1737. More impressively, he claimed that Confucius was his example for moral purification.

On Franklin's drive to improve his virtue and Confucian moral philosophy, you can read Dr. Dave Wang' article, Benjamin Franklin and Chinese Civilization through this link.

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