Monday, January 25, 2016

427. China Will Come to Benjamin Franklin's Home

Benjamin Franklin, one of the main founders of the United States, would be definitely happy reading the news that the Franklin Square will host the first ever Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival this spring, April 22-June 12, 2016, Historic Philadelphia, Inc. has announced. My readers probably have learned that Franklin expressed to his friend, "I would like to visit China if I were young."

Philadelphia was one of the centers that intellectuals of the thirteen colonies discussed about China and its cultures. It was in Philadelphia where Franklin published in his widely circulated weekly newspaper, some chapters of Confucius classics in 1737.

According to the news report, "Franklin Square will glow with more than 25 illuminated displays of giant flowers, a three-story pagoda, a Chinese dragon and more. In addition to the light installations, visitors will also enjoy performances, crafts by artists, a variety of food options, and still be able to play mini-golf and ride the carousel at the Square."

My two cents recommendation to the organizers is to make a giant Confucius Lantern. Ben, who throughout his life admired Confucian moral philosophy and promoted it in North America,  would be absolutely delighted seeing the lantern in his beloved hometown.  

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