Tuesday, February 23, 2016

435. The East Side Story: What the East River Witnesses over 232 Years?

On February 22, 1784, the day when the Empress of China started her maiden sail to China, unfolded the process of the East River being the United States business and financial center. I am not going to talk about the Wall Street and the business center on the west side of the East River.

I will introduce you a town on its East side. Flushing (法拉盛) is a town on the east side of the East River. The revolutionary veterans who opened the trade with China would be surprised at seeing the evolution of Flushing (法拉盛) from a sleepy town to a dynamic center of business in New York. Flushing has become a large commercial and retail center and is the fourth largest central business district in New York City. The intersection of Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue is the third busiest intersection in New York City, behind Times and Herald Squares.

Very impressively, Flushing (法拉盛) has developed into one of the largest and fastest growing ethnic Chinese enclaves outside of Asia. Chinese-owned businesses dominate the area along Main Street and the blocks west of it. Consequently, Flushing has grown rapidly enough to become the second-largest Chinatown outside of Asia. In fact, the Flushing may surpass the Chinatown in lower Manhattan on the west side of the East River within a few years.

The picture on the right was taken from a traditional Chinese Pharmacy Store in Flushing (法拉盛) on February 21, 2016. The Chinese loved the Ginseng that carried over by the US founders in 1784. 232 years have passed. Since then the Chinese have used American Ginseng. Today they still love the roots. Is it amazing?

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