Friday, February 26, 2016

436. Why Do We Study the US Founders and China

What is important about study of the history that the US founders made their efforts to draw positive elements from Chinese civilization?  Why so people need to know all that.

The importance of the history is the importance of understanding the United States. There can be no true understanding of the present with out knowledge of the past. By examining the founders’ attitudes towards and their efforts to borrow from Chinese civilization, we learn how to examine ourselves and move forward. Particularly in a multi-cultural world, the capacity to acceptance of positive elements from foreign cultures will mainly decide a country’s future. The Founders’ great efforts to identify and to use positive elements from traditional Chinese civilization to help build the United States to be a great nation will always enlighten and inspire us. 
So I want you to remember, history of the US Founders and China is not just a bunch of names, such as Confucius, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and others. The history is a main part of the story of how the United States became what it is now.  


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