Saturday, May 28, 2016

453. Cross-Cultural Understanding between China and the United States

For many Americans, China, the second largest economy in the world, is a little bit scary. China is not only America’s fastest growing trade partner, but also a nuclear power. With a huge population and a very different history and culture, it is, to state the obvious, the definition of “foreign.”
Carola McGiffert, President of the 100,000 Strong Foundation, stated, " Cross-cultural understanding between our two nations is critical if we are to work together to solve our greatest shared challenges. The more we know about China, the more we will appreciate its perspective, its politics and its people."

She called upon, "We must expose more American youth to Chinese language and study abroad opportunities. Our two nations and our world depend on it."  To add to the list, I think that all Americans schools should teach about the history of the efforts of the founders to borrow from Chinese civilization in their endeavor to create a new culture in the United States. In this point I agree with Mr. Jeffrey Bingham Mead, the President of History Education Council of Hawaii States. He requested al schools in Hawaii State to teach Dr. Dave Wang's research in their history classrooms.
I would like to quote the following statement from Mr. Mead, “We'd like to call to your attention the pioneering research and writings of History Education Hawaii director, Dr. Dave Wang. His research has opened fresh eyes to something long neglected in the founding of the United States of America: the influence of Chinese civilization on the American Founders. " He also states, "Dr. Wang’s research and scholarship have added a new and exciting illuminations into the founding of the United States of America, the influence of China’s civilization and traditions on the founders. This is something that should be taught in our American and Chinese history courses.”

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