Sunday, May 14, 2017

496. US Founders and Revival of Silk Roads

In his new paper, "Commerce is Destiny: Revival of Silk Road, Civilization and Sino-American Relations" Dr. Patrick Mendis again cited Dr. Dave Wang's academic papers on the US founders' efforts to use positive elements from Chinese civilization to build a great nation in North America.

In his academic papers, Dr. Dave Wang has revealed the following historical facts to students of history and general readers:

The American Founding Fathers were practically attracted by Chinese civilization. In colonial north American Chinese products were seen everywhere, including Chinese tea, silk, porcelain, wallpaper, Chippendalefurniture and other products. All the founders, including Dr. Benjamin Franklin and George Washington were heavy drinkers of Chinese tea. To overcome commercial dependence on British imports, Dr. Benjamin Rush used Chineseporcelain as a weapon to bring up national consciousness of the colonists. He helped set up “a china manufactory” for “the service of America” in Philadelphia. About the same time, George Washington worked hard to grow Chinese flowers at his Mount Vernon estate. Jefferson used Chinese gardening and architectural designs at his Monticello home.

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