Thursday, June 22, 2017

500. Dr. Dave Wang's Paper on Benjamin Franklin was Twitted

My readers can tell that this the 500th post of this weblog. It is a perfect post to show you Dr. It is not new that Dr. Dave Wang's publications were used as history class texts in both under graduate and graduate level. No one should feel surprised to find that famous scholars with world reputation cited Dr. Dave Wang's publications. However, today I was surprised finding that Dr. Dave Wang's paper was recommended by Mr. Matthew Schofield. It was posted almost two years ago. Through his post Mr. Schofield from Australia recommended Dr. Dave Wang's paper, Benjamin Franklin and Chinese Civilization.  I believe that my readers like me will be surprised when one found out that he is not an academician but an entrepreneur.

Following the link of the paper, Benjamin Franklin and Chinese Civilization, I have found surprisingly that 79 people have recommended the same paper as Mr. Matthew Schofield. This certainly can serve as an indicator of showing world wide influence of Dr. Dave Wang's examination of the US founders' efforts to borrow from Chinese civilization in their struggle for a new nation in North America.  I would say that Dr. Dave Wang's influence has widely been beyond academic world.

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