Tuesday, July 18, 2017

504. George Washington University Promotes Dr. Dave Wang's Reserach

I have found that Dr. Dave Wang's research on Benjamin Franklin and Confucius has been promoted by the official Facebook page of the Confucius Institute at the George Washington University 乔治华盛顿大学孔子学院官方Facebook主页.

Friday, July 7, 2017

503. The United States Develops out of West and East Civilizations

I have written this blog for over ten years. Readers of it are from all over the world. From Dr. Dave Wang's pioneering reseach they have learned historical fact that the founders of this nation draw positive elements from Chinese civilization and used the elements tireless in their efforts to create the new nation in north America.
I have to point out that it is impossible for anyone to ignore influence and contributions of Chinese civilzation on the development of the United States. It is a hard fact that the United States came into being not only because of West but also Chinese civilization. For exmaple, it was the Chinese merit system in selecting public civil servants that lifted the United States out from the century of corruption.

The acceptance of the Confucian merit system changed the history of the United States. To assume the merit system “is not merely a mode of procedure and an economy, but has become a vital question of principle and public morality, involving the counterpoise and in no small degree the stability of the government itself.”[1] The merit system elevated the United States up to “a new and higher standard in official life.”[2] It has been recognized that the adoption of the Pendleton Act “amounted to nothing less than [a] recasting of the foundations of national institutional power.”[3]
It was impossible to build a democratic society on the foundations of the Spoils System. When applied to American politics, the Spoils System caused tremendous turnover of federal employees with every new presidency in the White House. Public employees were chosen based on party affiliation rather than on their knowledge and dedication to their positions. As President Theodore Roosevelt aptly said, the spoils system “was more fruitful of degradation in our political life than any other that could have possibly been invented. The spoils monger, the man who peddled patronage, inevitably bred the vote-buyer, the vote-seller, and the man guilty of misfeasance in office."[4]
It took a great, combined effort to eliminate the Spoils System and return the United States to the democratic roots that Benjamin Franklin had originally envisioned. During America’s Century of Corruption, many presidents struggled with the inefficiencies of the system as well as disgruntled supporters who were denied government positions. Thomas Jefferson suffered a permanent blow to his reputation when he denied James Callender; James Garfield lost his life when he rejected Charles Guiteau. The civil service reform movement elevated the status of president beyond that of a “petty job broker” and restored faith in the nation’s founding principles by allowing any qualified person to serve his or her country.

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[4] Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. Civil Service Commissioner, in a letter dated February 8, 1895.
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

502. Dr. Dave Wang's Gift for Celebration of the Independence Day

I was a little bit busier yesterday, July 4, 2017. Therefore I post it this post today to celebrate the 241st anniversary of the founding of the United States. Please don't feel surprised at reading Dr. Wang's paper of examining the founders' efforts to introduce Confucius moral principles in the time of unfolding the history of the United States. In the following please find the open paragraph of his paper:

Confucius and the founding of the United States don’t seem to be related. Confucius, the Latinized name of Kongzi (孔子) (c. 550-476 B.C.), was a great philosopher and educator who lived at the end of “the Spring and Autumn Period” (771-476 B.C.) in China. The founding of America in the 1770s was a period in which the founders of the United States waged their death-or-life struggle to overthrow the imperialist rule of the Great Britain.  However, despite their differences, a close relationship actually existed between them. The United States’ founders applied many values from Confucian moral philosophy while founding of the United States.[1] Their recognition of Confucian ideas can be seen in places such as the house of James Madison (1751-1836), the father of the Constitution and the Bill ofRights, which had a portrait of Confucius. In addition, Thomas Paine (1737-1809), author of Common Sense, considered the Chinese sage to be in the same category as Jesus and Socrates.[2] Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), the Creator of the American Spirit, made the solemn statement that Confucian moral philosophy was valuable to the human being in general.[3] Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, also promoted Confucian moral principles in his inaugural speech in 1801. In his personal scratch-book, Jefferson placed a poem about an ideal Chinese prince that was recommended by Confucius. Other founders such as John Adams (1735-1826) and Benjamin Rush (1746-1813) also regarded Confucius highly in their efforts to make a blueprint for the new nation. These founders urged the citizens of the United States to adopt positive elements from Confucian moral philosophy and follow these moral examples to cultivate and advance their own virtues

[1] Dave Wang, The US Founders and China: The Origins of Chinese Cultural Influence on the United States, Education About Asia, Fall, 2011, pp.5-11.
[3] Benjamin Franklin, Letter to George Whitefield, July 6, 1749. It is available on line at  http://www.historycarper.com/1749/07/06/the-example-of-confucius 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

501. Benjamin Franklin and Confucian Merit System

Most Western countries today have adopted some form of the Confucian merit system, one of China’s greatest contributions to modern democracy. Interestingly enough, despite now being one of the cultural icons of the West, the United States adopted the Confucian system later than many of its European peers.[1] It was only in 1884 that Congress passed the Pendleton Act, alternatively known as the Civil Service Reform Act, which initiated a long-overdue reform of the US civil service system. The passage of the Pendleton Act marked the US federal government’s embracement of the Confucian merit system.  Although the passage of the Pendleton Act represented the first time the Confucian system gained legal credence within the United States, it was not the first time such a change had been suggested. About a century earlier, American “Founding FatherBenjamin Franklin (1706-1790) had proposed that the fledging nation look to the ancient Chinese merit system for selecting public servants.

For more information concerning the topic one can read Dr. Dave Wang's paper,


[1] History of Civil Service Merit System of the United States and Selected Foreign Countries, together with Executive Reorganization Studies and Personnel Recommendations, compiled by The Library of Congress Congressional Research Service, for the Subcommittee on Manpower and Civil Service of the Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, House of Representatives 94th Congress, 2nd session, December 31, 1967, U.S Government Printing Office, Washington, 1976, p.4.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

500. Dr. Dave Wang's Paper on Benjamin Franklin was Twitted

My readers can tell that this the 500th post of this weblog. It is a perfect post to show you Dr. It is not new that Dr. Dave Wang's publications were used as history class texts in both under graduate and graduate level. No one should feel surprised to find that famous scholars with world reputation cited Dr. Dave Wang's publications. However, today I was surprised finding that Dr. Dave Wang's paper was recommended by Mr. Matthew Schofield. It was posted almost two years ago. Through his post Mr. Schofield from Australia recommended Dr. Dave Wang's paper, Benjamin Franklin and Chinese Civilization.  I believe that my readers like me will be surprised when one found out that he is not an academician but an entrepreneur.

Following the link of the paper, Benjamin Franklin and Chinese Civilization, I have found surprisingly that 79 people have recommended the same paper as Mr. Matthew Schofield. This certainly can serve as an indicator of showing world wide influence of Dr. Dave Wang's examination of the US founders' efforts to borrow from Chinese civilization in their struggle for a new nation in North America.  I would say that Dr. Dave Wang's influence has widely been beyond academic world.

Monday, June 19, 2017

499. Dr. Dave Wang's Talk on Benjamin Franklin and Confucius Translated into German

Thanks to the Schillar Institute's hard work, Dr. Dave Wang' presentation that introduces some of his works on Chinese culural influence on the early United States has been translated into German.

Konfuzius und Benjamin Franklin

Von Dr. Dave Wang
Dr. Wang ist Leitender Bibliothekar der Queens Library in Laurelton im New Yorker Stadtbezirk Queens und Lehrbeauftragter an der katholischen St. John’s University in New York. Er hielt bei der New Yorker Konferenz des Schiller-Instituts am 13. April den folgenden Vortrag; die schriftliche Fassung ist leicht bearbeitet.
Guten Tag. Ich habe, wie wir alle, den Vortrag von Dr. Patrick Ho sehr genossen. Ich habe viel über die chinesische Kultur und über die neue Initiative, die die Chinesen gestartet haben, gelernt.
Bevor ich meinen Vortrag beginne, möchte ich noch Herrn Bill Jones und John und Renée Sigerson vom Schiller-Institut danken, die diesen Vortrag möglich gemacht haben. Ich glaube nicht, daß ich hier eine gründliche Darstellung meiner Forschungen geben kann. Ich will Ihnen aber meine Publikationen über den kulturellen Einfluß Chinas auf die Vereinigten Staaten vorstellen.1
In einem meiner frühesten Papiere über den chinesischen kulturellen Einfluß auf die Vereinigten Staaten schrieb ich, daß wir hier über den Amerikanischen Traum sprechen. Der Amerikanische Traum hat in China angefangen. Schon bevor die ersten Kolonisten landeten, hat es den chinesischen Einfluß gegeben. Denn die Virginia Company, die die Erforschung Nordamerikas förderte und einen Ort für die erste Landung aussuchen mußte, wollte möglichst nahe an einem Ort landen, von wo aus sie weiter nach China gelangen konnte.
Frankreich half bei der Amerikanischen Revolution. Warum? Die Franzosen waren sich sicher, daß George Washingtons Guerillas den Unabhängigkeitskrieg ohne internationale Unterstützung, im wesentlichen aus Frankreich, nicht gewinnen könnten. Und einer der entscheidenden Gründe, warum Frankreich diesen Krieg unterstützte, war es, zu verhindern, daß die Briten den Handel mit China monopolisieren könnten.

498. Dr. Dave Wang's Research Papers Still Interested

http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Dave-Wang/1031804143Dr. Dave Wang's pioneering research in the field of Chinese civilization's influence on the founding fathers continues to attract readers worldwide. For example, it was in last year when the books and movies cite included Dr. Dave Wang's two published papers in its widely liked website, including
Benjamin Franklin and China ---A Survey of Benjamin Franklin’s Efforts at Drawing Positive Elements from Chinese Civilization during the Formative Age of the United States
and From Confucius to the Great Wall: Chinese Cultural Influence on Colonial North America.