Sunday, August 15, 2010

197. Dr Wang's Research in Japanese Eventually

I have found that Dr. Wang's research published in Italin and Chinese. Thanks to Japanese scholars, now it is availalbe in Japanese.


The transmission of Chinese culture to colonial North America provides one of the most significant examples of the spread of Chinese civilization from its center to overseas, where no significant direct contact existed. The founding fathers' efforts to draw nourishments from the culture demonstrates that how they developed the American culture by their incorporating the positive elements from Chinese culture.
The remarkable story of their efforts to draw nourishments from Chinese culture has served as an intriguing case study of the creation of a new civilization by adopting selected positive elements from other cultures and assimilating the elements into the new one. The eminent colonists' efforts have provided us with an insight of how drawing nourishments from other cultures has proven to be one of the best means of the development of civilization.

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